• 8 Reasons Your Brand Should Be On Snapchat

    That is the saying that springs to mind when I see marketers dismissing Snapchat as a significant channel. Presumably they’re the same people who realized social media was a good idea five years later than their competitors.

    But when it comes to Snapchat’s importance as a marketing tool you don’t have to take my word for it. There are plenty of numbers to back up the claim.

    In this post I’m going to cover some of the most compelling data-powered reasons to use this platform.

    Snapchat Has 100m Daily Active Users

    It may not be up there with Facebook’s first billion, but Snapchat is relatively young and growing at an extremely fast rate.

    2. 65% Of Those Users Share Content Every Day

    Snapchat’s users are not just lurking in the background. The majority of them actively create and share content on a daily basis, so you are dealing with a highly engaged audience.

    3. 8,796 Photos Are Shared On Snapchat Every Second

    Just think about that for a second…
    In that second you spent thinking about it Snapchat’s users shared almost 9,000 photos.

    4. It Would Take 10 Years To View All Photos Shared On Snapchat In The Last Hour

    By the time you’d finished viewing those photos, another 880,000 years’ worth of photos would have been shared on the social network.

    5. More Photos Are Shared On Snapchat Than Any Other Social Network

    The image below shows a comparison of the different social networks in terms of the number of photos shared in the two minutes I spent staring at the pretty data visualization.

    6. Snapchat Users Like Shopping Online

    76% of users purchased a product online in the last month, according to a report by Interactivo Gulf
    And users are primarily motivated by coupons and discounts when it comes to online purchases, presenting potential opportunities for retailers.

    7. Snapchat achieves 6bn video views a day

    6bn. That is absolutely huge, especially when you consider it’s only made up of mobile views.
    Facebook, by comparison, achieves about 8bn daily video views across both desktop and mobile. And the gap is closing.

    8. Video views have tripled since May 2015

    Not only does Snapchat achieve an enormous amount of daily video views, it is also growing at an exponential rate in that department.
    Since May this year, Snapchat has tripled its number of daily video views.

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